Me and my habit

16 01 2009

Hi everyone! This is one my first posts and for starters I would like to tell you a little about me. I am a 24 year old woman currently living in southern NJ but originally from central NJ. I developed a shoe fetish around the age of 19 when I began working for a company that called for me to dress more “lady like”. I was a slight tomboy in my younger years and kind of avoided wearing high heels because I’m pretty tall. Working at that job around alot of other older women and well dressed men encouraged me to put a bit more thought into my wardrobe. I was used to getting by wearing blue jeans and sneakers with the occasional dress and clunky heeled boot but a duckling has to become a swan at some point right?

I even remember the first time I learned to walk in stilettos. I was about sixteen and shopping for shoes for my junior prom with my sister. My sister found the perfect shoe and told me to try it on. The heel’s height was about 2 1/2 to 3 inches with no platform. I almost broke my neck! I told her I couldn’t wear them because I was going to kill myself. By the time I left that store with my new shoes, I could walk in them. My sister wasn’t leaving until I could. Ah memories…now I wont wear a heel lower than 3 1/2 inches, if that.

Anyway, being a broke shopper on a budget, I have become a major shoe stalker…meaning I will window shop and shop online, compare prices and wait on sales until the current shoe I’m following becomes within my price range. Sometimes it doesnt work out in my favor and a shoe goes out of season before I can obtain it. That can be very depressing but its all in good sport because you get to wait and see what they put out next year!

This season is MY season because the platform is once again getting higher and higher and that means the heel height is getting higher and higher and I am loving it!  My fav styles are the peep toe, bootie, covered platform and  stacked heel for some examples  so you will see alot of thoes styles on my blog. I hope you enjoy!!!