Online coupons @ DSW shoes!!

9 02 2009

I had my eye on a cute little pair of white sandals on clearance @ dsw and did a search for online coupon codes. And found 3! I was totally unaware of the fact that you could stack coupons at DSW online. Fantastic! Here are the coupon codes that still work as of this morning…

772- $10 off a $50 purchase

LUVDSW-$5 of a $50 purchase

DRIVE2- $10 off a $50 purchase

BFRSHP-Free Shipping on purchases of $25 or more!

According to some people you can stack as many coupons as you want as long as they are all valid and all meet the requirements but as far as the website is allowing me, you can only enter up to three codes. Of course I used the 2 for $10 off and the one for free shipping. Also, to use the BFRSHP code you have to be logged in as a DSW rewards member. Sign up is free and you’re instantly saving with the free shipping coupon so its worth the time it takes to sign up. 

I found two pairs of shoes on clearance to make sure I hit the $50 amount required to use the coupons. The white sandals for $40 (regular $79) and a cute brown pair of mary janes for $35 (regular $55) for a total of $75. With the three coupons codes the total came to $55 flat with no shipping fees!

How beautiful is two great pairs of shoes for $55 bucks?


Steve Madden-Revenu, another shot at glory?

29 01 2009

Remember my first post when I was gushing over the Shayne boot @ Bakers ( and got all upset because I knew it’d be gone before I could get it? Well looky here at what I found! A close reincarnation of the Shayne called Revenu and available for pre-order at Steve Madden for $129.95. Is this my second chance at obtaining this shoe? Probably not. Reason one being I like the fact that the Shayne boot was pretty plain. It was the style of the heel and that little bow in the back that attracted me. Now Steve Madden went and added all these studs to it , which made it even more fly, but I would’ve rather had it plain. Second, I never found a heel pad that keeps my foot from slipping out the darn thing! Such a tease.


An ugly shoe and its better looking, more expensive cousin.

29 01 2009

 CUTIEWhen I first saw this shoe on for $79 and change, I thought “what the hell is this? who in the world would wear these?” They’re now on sale for $29 and I still feel exactly the same. In my opinion it looks like a unfinished witch boot.

Then I saw this next shoe and realized the difference a little bit of quality can make. Worn here by La La , the Givenchy lace front wedge boots dont look half bad…

Prices for the boot range from $695 to $795 depending on where you purchase and even though this shoe is definately NOT one of my favorites, I wouldn’t call it “ugly”. If I had to judge based off that first shoe, I wouldnt have even given this style a chance.

YSL bird cages–I mean cage ankle boots…

29 01 2009

Yves Saint Laurent has designed a way to keep your feet from flying away!  Unbelievably priced at $1590, I know there’s someone out there who cant wait to get their hands on these. I guess once you have a name set for yourself you can pretty much create whatever the hell you want and people will love it. Lets wait and see what celebrities come out the woodworks wearing these with matching bird cage purse this spring.

Rihanna in a SICK pair of studded pumps

28 01 2009

I hate her dress in this picture but her shoes seem to make the whole darn outfit look fantastic. I guess thats all you need is a great pair of shoes. If I saw Rihanna on the street wearing these pumps, I’d beat her up and steal them….spl74776_015.jpg

Now Im not sure if the pumps she’s wearing in the picture are the same make as the bootie below but it damn well looks pretty close. 

Giuseppe Zanotti Crystal Stud Suede Booties - photo

This crystal studded suede shoe orgasm is by Giuseppe Zanotti. Available @ for $767.47 (originally $1024.95) , I wonder who decided it was ok to charge mortgage rates for shoes??? Why cant I afford to have these shoes?????? I would rock the $hit out of them and the universe knows this. That’s why it is keeping us apart!! lol

xoxox lovely boots and pumps. I guess I’ll see you next lifetime…

Jessica Simpson Striker Heel…

21 01 2009

STRIKER on sale for $82.99 but already sold out

still available @ Bakers for regular retail price of $89.95 


This is a very cute, slightly dressier spin on the look for under half the price.I think I might get this shoe myself. Its stylish, I love the colors, the price is wonderful and I can definately see me wearing these with a black mini dress or liquid leather pants. Very sexy…

Premiere Platform Pumps from Forever 21. 

Available @ for $32.80

Grey/Silver rubber suede

heel height: 5.25″

YSL Ankle Strap Platform Pump in Black Patent

21 01 2009



But, Bakers has done it again!  Giving us yet another chance to get closer to the shoes we long for…


style: NATASHA


A hidden yet exposed double platform pump with adjustable ankle strap and surprising snake print accents on exposed platform and heel. 4 1/2″ heel. Material/Faux Leather.


This shoe and I will become best friends very soon…you’ll see.