Online coupons @ DSW shoes!!

9 02 2009

I had my eye on a cute little pair of white sandals on clearance @ dsw and did a search for online coupon codes. And found 3! I was totally unaware of the fact that you could stack coupons at DSW online. Fantastic! Here are the coupon codes that still work as of this morning…

772- $10 off a $50 purchase

LUVDSW-$5 of a $50 purchase

DRIVE2- $10 off a $50 purchase

BFRSHP-Free Shipping on purchases of $25 or more!

According to some people you can stack as many coupons as you want as long as they are all valid and all meet the requirements but as far as the website is allowing me, you can only enter up to three codes. Of course I used the 2 for $10 off and the one for free shipping. Also, to use the BFRSHP code you have to be logged in as a DSW rewards member. Sign up is free and you’re instantly saving with the free shipping coupon so its worth the time it takes to sign up. 

I found two pairs of shoes on clearance to make sure I hit the $50 amount required to use the coupons. The white sandals for $40 (regular $79) and a cute brown pair of mary janes for $35 (regular $55) for a total of $75. With the three coupons codes the total came to $55 flat with no shipping fees!

How beautiful is two great pairs of shoes for $55 bucks?




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