Steve Madden-Revenu, another shot at glory?

29 01 2009

Remember my first post when I was gushing over the Shayne boot @ Bakers ( and got all upset because I knew it’d be gone before I could get it? Well looky here at what I found! A close reincarnation of the Shayne called Revenu and available for pre-order at Steve Madden for $129.95. Is this my second chance at obtaining this shoe? Probably not. Reason one being I like the fact that the Shayne boot was pretty plain. It was the style of the heel and that little bow in the back that attracted me. Now Steve Madden went and added all these studs to it , which made it even more fly, but I would’ve rather had it plain. Second, I never found a heel pad that keeps my foot from slipping out the darn thing! Such a tease.





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6 02 2009

I absolutely LOVE this shoe! I actually had this in one of my postings on my blog recently. And honestly I have to say, I like all the added embellishment!!

6 02 2009

I know! The studs really do make the shoe pop and it looks fantastic but when I was going to purchase the Shayne bootie I already had in mind what type of outfit Id be wearing them with and the studs would take me in a totally different direction 😦 I could be overthinking it but I tend to do that when it comes to shoes lol I have to limit my purchases or I’ll just go bonkers!

7 02 2009

Well that definitely makes sense….especially when you have a certain shoe in mind, it doesn’t matter how nice the other shoe is, it will NEVER compare. I feel your pain, believe me!

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