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16 01 2009

I have been following this shoe all season and honestly I would have owned them by now. I’ve had plenty of chances to purchase it at a cost lower than the regular retail price of  $99.95 at Bakers Shoes. The only reason I do not own them right now is because I have one of the narrowest pairs of feet on the planet. I went to a Bakers store in Cherry Hill Mall, NJ to try on these beautiful peep toe booties. Even though they look absolutely fabulous on me, I couldn’t ignore the fact that  my heels slip out of the back of the shoe when I walk. The part of the shoe that ties around the ankle prevents it from flying off  but it was not enough to keep me from tripping over the shoe while its dangling from my foot. I’ve always had this issue when it comes to pumps and I am currently researching every shoe insert available that is supposed to assist with this kind of problem, but I’ve had no success.

They are now on clearance for $79.99. I have to find a solution to buy them before they are gone forever!!!



Bakers Shoes

Style: SHAYNE  in black suede

4 1/4 ” heel

Find it here




3 responses

19 01 2009
style addict

I love this shoe also! I didn’t get a chance to purchase it though.

20 01 2009

Awe! I didnt find a solution to my problem yet so I have to let this shoe pass me by also. I hate it when I have to let a good shoe go due to technical difficulties 😦

29 01 2009
Steve Madden-Revenu, another shot at glory? « Shoe Stalker

[…] 29 01 2009 Remember my first post when I was gushing over the Shayne boot @ Bakers ( and got all upset because I knew it’d be gone before I could get it? Well looky here at what […]

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